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Are you finding the best dentist for a dental implant in Ahmedabad? At Ami Dental House, Thaltej we provide the highest quality dental implants. Readout a complete guide to Dental Implants and learn about the process, benefits, cost and FAQs of dental implant surgery.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, which is strong as well as light. The dental implant looks like a screw. The screw-like artificial tooth root used for dental implant surgery is made up of titanium. The dental implant is an ideal and long-term solution for you if you don’t have teeth. The dental implant surgery is a safe and better way to hide your missing teeth. The tooth will feel and look natural.
dental implant in thaltej ahmedabad

The Dental Implant Procedure

The dental implant procedure consists of different steps. The procedure could take some months to complete. Here are three main phases of the dental implant procedure:

1. Placing the implant
The first stage in the process includes placing the implant in the jaw. In this phase, the implant will be covered with gum tissue.

2. Attaching the post
The next stage is attaching the post to the implant. Depending upon the case, the implant and the post can be placed at the same time.

3. Crown attachment
After the implant and the post are placed, the next step is attaching the crown. In this phase, the dentist will place a customized crown to the implant post.

Benefits of Dental Implants

The dental implant surgery is a great solution for missing. So, if one of your teeth are missing, you may consider getting dental implant treatment. There are various benefits of this surgery. Here are some of them:

1. Replace missing tooth
The first major benefit of dental implant surgery is it helps to replace your missing tooth or teeth. After this dental surgery, the artificial teeth or tooth will look natural.

2. Natural & comfortable
The artificial teeth you will get through the dental implant surgery will look and feel natural as well as comfortable.

3. Long-term
Once you get the dental implant done, you do not have to worry about anything for the long-term. It has great long-term retention and stability.

Why Choose us for Dental Implant in Ahmedabad?

The dental implant surgery is the best way to replace your missing tooth or teeth. Another great thing about the dental implant is that implanted teeth feels natural & comfortable. As we have seen, the surgery consists of three important phases. Each phase plays a crucial role.

To ensure safe completion of dental implant surgery, it is advisable to choose a knowledgeable and experienced dentist for it. Ami Dental House provides the best dental implant in Ahmedabad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Dental implants mean the replacement of tooth roots and they are more permanent in nature. On the flip side, after dentures, the person can take out and put back the teeth in the mouth.
There are so many reasons why dental implants are better than dentures. Some of the benefits are a durable solution, better performance, better hygiene, and comfortable.
Normally, any person with missing teeth can get dental implant surgery. But, the important thing to keep in mind teenagers is not advisable to get this surgery because their dental & facial bones are in the developing stage.
This will differ based on from which doctor you are getting dental implant. Getting some discomfort during the process is normal. At Ami Dental Clinic, we utilize different methods to avoid pain.

If you want to get the best dental implant in Ahmedabad from the specialist, contact Ami Dental House. Dr. Jaimin Raval is a well-qualified and experienced dentist.

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