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Finding the best doctor for Root Canal Treatment in Ahmedabad?


Root Canal treatment is also known as endodontic therapy, endodontic treatment, and root canal therapy. If your tooth is decayed or infected, this treatment can be used to repair and protect your tooth. Root canal treatment helps in removing the infection from the tooth and protecting the decontaminated tooth from future microbial invasion.

root canal treatment thaltej ahmedabad

Before we get into other details of the root canal, let’s have a look at its process first:


The first stage of root canal treatment includes the opening of the tooth from the top. Firstly, the tooth is opened from the top and the pulp is removed from the chamber and canals. After the removal of a tooth from the top, canals are cleaned with disinfecting solutions like sodium hypochlorite. After cleaning with any disinfecting solution, canals are shaped with a series of files of increasing the diameter. This is done to ensure that all the infection is removed from the tooth.

The dentist takes the X-rays of the whole procedure so that he/she can check that files are reaching properly. Depending upon your tooth, the number of appointments could vary. After filling the root canal, the dentist places a rubber-like material for the purpose of temporary filling. Once the root canal process completes, the dentist places the crown so that your tooth doesn’t get fractured in the future.

When You Should Consider Getting Root Canal Treatment From A Specialist?

Some people don’t know when actually they should consider getting root canal treatment from a specialist. Your tooth needs root canal treatment when the inside of your tooth becomes infected or inflamed due to the extreme decay. The extreme decay or infection in your tooth is the sign of repetitive dental procedures, faulty crowns, or crack in the tooth.

You must get the canal treatment when you find the infection or decay in the tooth. If you don’t get treatment when your tooth has decay or infection, it can cause pain. And, when you get the treatment done, the infected pulp from your tooth gets removed. So, you will need a Root Canal Specialist in Ahmedabad to remove the infection from your tooth.

What Should One Expect After the Root Canal?

After the Root Canal Treatment, your tooth will be numb for a few hours and you will need to be careful regarding not biting your lip, cheek, and tongue. After a few hours, your tooth will be sore. For the complete heal up, it will take around two to three weeks.
Cost of Root Canal Treatment

The cost of root canal treatment is based on the number of appointments your infected tooth will need. And, the Root Canal Treatment cost in Ahmedabad may vary from other cities. You can get in touch with Ami Dental Clinic to know about the pricing for your root canal treatment.

So, if you want to get Root Canal Treatment in Ahmedabad from the specialist, contact Ami Dental House. Dr. Jaimin Raval is a well-qualified and experienced dentist.

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